Now That I Am Inside

Gabrielle was in the middle of a photography course during her freshman year of college when the pandemic hit. While in lockdown, she used her bedroom window as her photo frame.

by Gabrielle Pascal

I am currently a junior at Hofstra University, and I am taking a course called Basic Black & White Film Photography. Since we no longer have access to the film lab at school, we can’t print or develop our photos right now. Therefore, my professor is having us switch from using film to our phones or if we have one, a digital camera.

Before the pandemic, we took our photos and developed them in our school’s film lab. Then we printed the best images from our negatives, and we’d have an in-class critique. Now, we send them through a discussion board on Blackboard and discuss them there.

For some assignments, I take photos of what I see from my bedroom window. The photos of the buildings and the plane were for an assignment pertaining to the idea of the “decisive moment.” It’s a concept in photography: You wait for the right moment when everything is aligned the way you want it. The photo of the plane alone was for the assignment called “Now that I am inside.” I had to look for other sources of inspiration and creativity.

Gabrielle Pascal
Gabrielle Pascal
Gabrielle Pascal

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