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Youth Communication has worked with NYC teens since 1980 to write and publish true, personal stories about their lives.

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YC runs intensive nonfiction writing programs for teens in New York City, where they’re mentored by a professional editor to write personal stories about their lives and about issues that affect young people. Their stories are published in our two award-winning magazines, YCTeen and Represent, which are read by thousands of teens, educators, policymakers, and other adults who work with and for young people.


More than 2,500 teens have participated in Youth Communication’s writing programs. Some have achieved levels of success (in writing as well as in distinguished careers in other fields) but what really characterizes our alumni is their spirit of community service. By writing for Youth Communication, they learned that their stories could have an immediate impact, and that experience has had a powerful effect on Youth Communication’s teen writers and influenced their career decisions.

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Being in the YC writing program has allowed me to explore a side of myself that I have grown to be proud of. It has provided me with a voice that can share stores that are not just beneficial for myself but hopefully for others as well. The YC program is fun, engaging, and extremely helpful in growing your skills as a writer and helping you with school and career success. I would encourage other teens to not just read the stories by writers from the YC program but also to join and share their own stories with other teens.