We are eager to reach new readers for our stories and have created ways to make that easy to do. However, because of the great cost and effort involved in creating our stories, we are also very protective of them. Unless you fall into the category of people who can use stories for free (see below), please do not reprint our copyrighted stories without getting written permission and paying appropriate fees. All fees go to support our nonprofit program.   


Using Our Stories for Free 

There are a few instances when you can use our stories for free.  

If you want to print a story or lesson for yourself or to give to a colleague or a teen, you can do so for free, and do not need permission.  

If you want to print a story or lesson for one-time use in a small group (for example, a middle school advisory, a high school English class, or an after-school workshop) please request permission below.  

If you are making fewer than 30 copies of a story and/or lesson for use in a nonprofit educational setting, we will automatically grant you permission to do so for free. We ask only that you complete the permissions form telling us how you will use the story. This information helps us raise the money we need to produce these stories and make them available for free!  

If you want to reprint the story in a curriculum or coursepack that you use in many classes or year after year, or in a training manual, agency newsletter, or other publication, then you must request permission and will be charged a fee (see details below).  


Standard Reprint Fees 

A. Commercial Organizations and Large Nonprofits

Our standard reprint fee for one-time, non-exclusive North American rights for commercial organizations and publishers is your standard rate, or $400 per story, whichever is higher. Please request permission below. 

B. Small Nonprofit Organizations

Our standard reprint fee for small nonprofit organizations for one-time, non-exclusive North American rights is $100 per story.  

If your nonprofit organization ever pays other staff or consultants for reprint rights or writing services, or it is a large agency with a budget of over $1,000,000, then you should propose to us your standard payment (no less than $100). 

Please submit the permission request form below.  



If we grant you permission to reprint the stories (and we almost always do) we will send you the attribution language that must appear with the story when it appears in your publication.