Do you have a personal story to tell?

Join a group of 12 young people who will explore the global issue of housing instability as part of Youth Communication’s 43rd annual summer writing workshop!

We have two publications: YouthComm*, a magazine for teens; and Represent, our publication by and for youth in foster care. (If you are a teen in foster care, learn how to apply for the Represent writing program here.)

Participate in writing lessons, discussions, and group activities. Explore the personal and sociopolitical factors that influence your idea of “home.” Write stories that will help other young people make sense of non-traditional definitions of home, or take agency in defining what they think home should look like. Share your ideas that will lead readers to understand the different factors involved in people moving from one place to another. 

Our newsroom is a safe space for open conversations. Guest speakers and field trips will deepen our understanding of these topics. No prior writing experience is required, but you must be able to attend for all six weeks. Your stories will be published in our publications and may appear in Youth Communication’s curricula.

The workshop is scheduled to be held in person at our midtown office on West 38th Street. To participate in our program, you must have received all three COVID-19 vaccinations, and you must show your vaccine card before starting with us. Depending on the COVID situation, parts of the workshop may switch online for the safety of writers and staff. We will provide laptops to participants who do not have them.

All participants receive a $2000 stipend for completing at least one story in the workshop. If we meet in person, a daily two-trip MetroCard and $10 for lunch will also be provided. Proper PPE and health guidelines will be followed and enforced. All writers must submit proof of vaccination. All participants, regardless of documentation status, can receive the stipend.

Dates: Tuesday, July 5 to Thursday, August 11.

For New York City youth ages 15-20


Application deadline: Friday, May 13, 2022

*The first week is Tuesday-Friday July 5-July 8 due to July 4th holiday observed on Monday.

Applications for 2022’s summer writing workshop have closed.

We will respond to all applicants by June 3 and schedule interviews (via Zoom, most likely) with prospective candidates during the week of June 6. Note: Previous and current YC writers are not eligible to apply.

Please check back in august to apply for our fall program.