Stories on: Grief

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Recent Stories

  • Face to Face With Grief

    Avoiding my sadness over my grandmother’s death slowed down my healing.

  • Frame by Frame: Love in Motion

    After my aunt died, I didn’t have any videos to remember her by. Filmmaking has provided me with a way to lovingly channel my grief.

  • Alone With My English

    Since my grandfather died, I’ve wanted to connect with my extended family, despite our language barrier.

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  • No Chance for Goodbye

    I was afraid to see my uncle when he was dying; now I’m trying to forgive myself for not showing up.

  • The Healing Tree

    I lost myself in the pandemic and found myself again in nature.

  • Lucky to Have Me

    My journey from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the U.S. showed me my strength.

  • After a Soulmate Friendship Ends

    When my best friend drifted away, I had to learn to support and believe in myself.

  • Mourning, After

    I couldn?t shake my grandmother’s death, but opening up and writing helped me reconnect with my guardian angel.

  • Leaving Venezuela

    At 15, I had to leave my country and start over. Soccer, music, and kind teachers helped me adjust.

  • The Pandemic Reawakened My PTSD

    Joanna suffers from PTSD stemming from childhood abuse. She had found ways to control it, but the pandemic retriggered flashbacks and panic attacks. Writing, therapy, and creating a new routine help her cope.

  • Emmett. Kalief. Josiah. More Than Just Names

    These are steps I’m taking to fight racism.