Teens: Enter the writing contest for a chance to win prize money!

Youth Communication is sponsoring a writing contest for young people. Every three months, we will highlight five recent articles and ask readers to write a response to the author of a story. Tell them how you related to their story, what lessons you learned, or other ways the story impacted you. We will choose three winners with prizes of $150 (1st prize), $75 (2nd prize), and $50 (3rd prize.)

Contest Rules:

• You must be between the ages of 14 and 19.
• Letters should be no more than 300 words.
• You may respond to only one story.
• If you win, your letter will be published on our website. Tell us if you want it to be printed anonymously—but you should still type in your full name and complete address so we know where to mail your check if you win.
• Current YouthComm or Represent writers may not enter the writing contest.
• Letters may be edited by Youth Communication editors for brevity and clarity. All entries become property of Youth Communication.

The stories for this semester’s contest are:

Trying to Create a Life in the Country

What NYC Teens Actually Think About The SHSAT

Opening Up to the Right People Helped Me

Figuring Out Relationships By Myself

Why I Want to Be An Automotive Journalist

The deadline for submissions is July 8, 2022. Winners of the contest will be notified by July 22 and their letters will be featured on our website. Any questions, contact sberkman@youthcomm.org.


If you heard about this contest from a teacher or counselor please add their name and email address to your entry.


Submit your letter in the form below or at: sfyouthcomm.formtitan.com/origin/yc-writing-contest/.