Teen wisdom: Addressing racism & difficult topics


It’s hard to have meaningful conversations about race and equity. And it’s even harder to turn those conversations into positive change. Youth Communication teen writer Rainier Harris shows how that can be done in a powerful story he wrote for The New York Times about racism in his high school. We’re so proud to see Rainier’s growth as a writer, and his activism for more supportive and equitable schools.

Youth Communication can help your school or agency use student voices like Rainier’s to build a school culture in which everyone feels heard.

Based on teen-written stories, our All In curriculum helps students talk about race, gender, and other difficult topics. The curriculum and professional development help teachers develop greater understanding of student experiences and perspectives. All In helps teachers and youth have rich and constructive conversations about how to manage challenges in a diverse world.

Contact us to know more about how All In and our other programs can help teachers and students work together to build a positive school culture—while strengthening key social and emotional and reading skills.
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