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Student Highlight: Jaden Baptiste

This month we highlight Jaden Baptiste, whose love for learning and teaching his community about cars is seen by everyone who meets him. As an incoming college first-year, Jaden wants to inspire his community to turn their passion into the career of their dreams. Jaden’s story, “I Want to be an Automotive Journalist” empowers everyone to learn about cars, and know basic tips and tricks. Jaden’s goal is to get people into their dream cars that also fits their lifestyle.. After writing his story, Jaden has already received three clients so far!

Jaden discovered Youth Communication’s writing program through his school. After seeking for a newspaper program, his counselor recommended he apply to Youth Communication. Jaden took a chance to sign up, and the rest is history!

While writing his story, Jaden realized there was another message he wanted to share. He believes his story can help others know that a career path can be anything you make of it. It could be an interest, and even a hobby. He advises everyone to do some research on their passions, and that you never know what can make of it until you try. Jaden knows that some people may not be as passionate about cars as he is, but that there is a larger audience for his story. Jaden’s story is for people who want to make their creative outlets more than a hobby, and who use their strengths to change and help their communities. 

Since Jaden wrote his story, he committed to Buffalo State University and aspires to major in Communications and Media! Jaden has been considering reaching out to car dealerships to review and test their cars to support more clients. He is currently “scanning the market,” and we know he is going to excel!

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