For Grades 6-12: New SEL Programs Based on True Stories by Teens


We are pleased to share that we have expanded our suite of SEL programs to further support the well-being of students and elevate youth voice. 

The heart of our award-winning SEL programs are real stories by teens that reveal the complexity of youth experiences. By reading and discussing these stories, students will explore how they can manage their own challenges and emotions.

The fully developed sessions and professional development help group leaders facilitate purposeful discussions, and boost the social and emotional skills of their students. 

As we welcome students back and help them settle into the “new normal,” we understand that many educators are thinking about how to integrate more culturally relevant content to build a positive learning environment for all.  

We hope that you will contact us to talk about how we can support your community, while honoring the perspectives of your students.

See our latest brochure for details. All of our professional development sessions can be conducted remotely. 


P.S. Did you know that you can use your ESSER funds to invest in SEL support? Here’s an FAQ.


Explore our full suite of SEL programs for Grades 6-12

Our programs help young people:
✓ Recognize their strengths
✓ Create and achieve their goals
✓ Advocate for equity and racial justice
All of our programs include:
✓ Comprehensive curriculum guide
✓ Anthologies of true stories by teens
✓ Professional development sessions 
✓ Ongoing coaching


New SEL program on Gender, Relationships, and Sexuality 

Real Talk helps students examine how society’s expectations based on gender and sexual orientation impact their behavior and choices. They will read true stories by young people who break out of the box they are put in because of they are male, female, trans, nonbinary, gay, straight, bisexual, or pansexual, and find fulfillment in who they are. The stories in Real Talk will affirm your students’ identities and help develop their empathy for the experiences of those who are different from them.
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