YCteen writers tackle gender equality

The holidays are the perfect time for students to practice flexing their empathy skills. When they consider the injustices faced by other teens, they continue to build their social awareness, an integral social and emotional learning competency. This issue of YCteen, “Are We Equal Yet?,” tackles the issue of gender equality. The writers challenge gender expectations, expose gender inequities, and explore ways to feel empowered and in control of who they are.

The lesson accompanying Jeimmy Hurtado’s story, “My Leggings Are Too Sexy; His Tank Top Isn’t,” has students work in small groups to suggest ways that their school dress codes, or other school policies, can be fair and equal for anyone on the gender spectrum.

Not only do these activities promote critical thinking and cooperative learning, they also encourage students to view this timely issue through a gendered lens. As always, the open-ended questions for this issue’s lesson guide can be used with any of our stories.

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