Opening Up: How to rebuild community, in-person


Dear Educator:

To support the social and emotional needs of students as they return to classrooms this fall, Youth Communication has partnered with Geoffrey Canada to create Opening Up, a new resource we are offering free to teachers

Opening Up is designed to help students process a shared experience, and rebuild community. It features: 

  • Leader’s Guide for Group Leaders: Following a disruptive year inside and outside of students’ school communities, we are offering ten 45-minute sessions designed to develop the social and emotional skills they need to navigate a return to in-person learning. 
  • Story Collection: Ten young writers from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences reflect on a challenge they dealt with during the past year and how it helped them grow. 
  • Podcast for Educators: Six mini-podcast episodes support successful implementation of sessions and provide group leaders with answers to frequently asked questions.

Modeled on Youth Communication’s traditional SEL curricula, Opening Up is CASEL-aligned and based on teen-written stories to both encourage reflection and address key SEL competencies that are all the more essential given the trauma and challenges of the past year.

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