How we became the “voice of New York City youth”

I am thrilled that The Chronicle of Social Change just published an article about Youth Communication’s 40-year history of amplifying youth voices.

It features interviews with novelist Edwidge Danticat, New York Times reporter Rachel Swarns, ACS staffer Pauline Gordon, and other YC alumni who describe the powerful effect that writing for our high school and foster care magazines had on them and their careers.

The article also introduces my successor, Betsy Cohen, and the exciting work she is leading increase the impact of the teens’ stories.

Our stories are the foundation of award-winning curricula and professional development that we provide to educators—from teachers to probation officers— to help teens strengthen the social and emotional skills and reading skills that contribute to school and life success. We trained more than 500 staff last year, and Betsy expects to significantly scale that work and its impact over the next several years.

I hope you enjoy the history—and are inspired to see where YC is headed.

Keith Hefner
Youth Communication
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