How educators can support homeless youth


Provide Stability and Support to Students Experiencing Homelessness

Students experiencing homelessness may find regular school attendance difficult. Yet school could be the only place of stability in a child’s life, and teachers can play a critical role in the lives of students who are homeless.

If you have students in your class who you think may be experiencing homelessness, here are some strategies for providing support.

See “Tips for Supporting Homeless Youth” [pdf]

True Stories by Teens & Resources

“Growing Up Homeless”
by Daren Braithwaite

Daren writes about moving in and out of homelessness for most of her teen life. She struggles to keep up her grades amid an unstable, chaotic life in shelters.

Read Daren’s Story

“Living in Shelter”
by Amya Shaw

During the five years that Amya lived in four shelters, she relied on reading and writing to soothe her and help her survive the extreme insecurity of homelessness.

Read Amya’s story
Listen to the podcast (from The Bell)

Build Positive Learning Environments
Using Real Teen-Written Stories

Curriculum Programs for Grades 6-12
Use the power of real, teen-written stories to engage your students in social and emotional learning. 

Professional Development for adults who work with youth
Interactive, robust professional development to groups of educators around specific youth development topics:

  • Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Developmentally & Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • School Climate & Culture
  • Gender Awareness and Supportive Responsiveness
  • How to Support Youth in Foster Care (or) Homeless Youth (or) LGBTQ Youth
  • Mentoring High-Needs Youth

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