Fifteen Young Writers Honored at the College Board

ACS Commissioner David A. Hansell praises winners for their steadfastness and encourages them to keep sharing their experiences.  
On May 31, 2017 we honored the excellent writing, persistence and achievements of 15 young people at the 19th Annual Awards for Youth in Foster Care, hosted by the College Board in New York City.

Dozens of supporters, friends and family came to cheer on the winners. It was an uplifting and emotional evening for all.

ACS Commissioner David A. Hansell delivered the keynote address to congratulate the awardees. 

New York City youth in foster care were invited to answer questions about seeing past stereotypes and a time they helped someone else. The 15 winning essays were selected by a panel of judges and excerpted in the event journal.

In addition to five Grand Prize winners, five winners received the Nicholas Scoppetta Prize, named after the first Commissioner of ACS. Another five winners received the Al Desetta prize, named after the founding editor of Represent magazine.

Thank you to all of our speakers and presenters, the adults who work with the winners and support them on their journeys, the College Board, the Sunny and Abe Rosenberg Foundation, Tin Man Fund, and Bob Danzig for making the awards possible.

Congratulations to all of the winners!
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