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Meagan Zullo: “Everyone has the potential to achieve greatness”

Three cheers for YC writer Meagan Zullo! 

Her story “Not Just a Kid From the Projects” was published by The NationAnd the Black News Channel interviewed her about her motivation for writing it. Meagan developed her powerful story with our editors in the writing program at Youth Communication. 

Meagan’s story illustrates how economic inequality impacts her self-worth. She describes overcoming stereotypes and insecurities when she moved from a school “where the computers were old and constantly broken” to a middle school that had “newer books, smaller classes, and better technology.”

She sees herself as an agent for change and wants to become a teacher to help “kids like me learn that they are worthwhile and that their address or test scores do not define them.” 
Meagan is one writer among many in our writing program. We need your support to continue this work. Your donation helps us nurture and amplify young people’s voices to change the world. 

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