Giving thanks (+ Teen writer highlight) 🍂



Thank you to our community for believing that powerful stories can change the world

Happy Thanksgiving! This week, we are feeling especially grateful for our community of:
    • ⋅ teen writers whose stories teach and inspire readers; 
    • ⋅ educators who use our stories to engage and motivate their students;
    • and supporters who are making a difference with the belief that young people’s  stories can transform lives.
Kaylee Pierre is one of the writers we’d like to thank. She is the author of “Stereotyped Into Silence No More” and you can learn more about her below.   

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Thank you for your commitment to young people, and happy holidays!

Teen Writer Highlight

Kaylee Pierre

Kaylee is a high school junior, anime lover and aspiring lawyer. She joined our annual Summer Writing Workshop which was focused on the theme of racism in the U.S.

Prompted by classmates’ discriminatory acts, Kaylee searched for ways to hold fellow students accountable, start conversations about racism, and ultimately see dramatic change in her school.

During the summer workshop Kaylee found community with other young people from New York City, and wrote a powerful story about speaking up and overcoming damaging stereotypes about Black women. 

Kaylee believes “100%” in the power of stories to change lives.

Currently, Kaylee is working on a new story about the dangers of “tea pages” — social media pages specific to a school where students can spread gossip about each other.  We look forward to publishing her new stories. 

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