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Customized Workshops

Professional Development Series Based on True Stories by Teens

In the past 42 years, we’ve had thousands of teens write stories on a vast range of topics, which can be used to design professional development sessions on any youth-oriented issue. Whether it is a one-off session or a series of workshops, YC stories are versatile enough to address the needs of your staff. Our skilled team of educators and youth specialists will meet with you to discuss your goals and plan a session that will be engaging and useful. An important part of this collaborative process is eliciting and listening to your feedback to provide a session that is as customized as possible.

Customized workshops give educators a deeper understanding of:
• Supportive practices that foster positive racial/ethnic and gender identity
development, including culturally responsive education.
• Unique needs of youth of color and LGBTQ+ identified youth.
• Impact of immigration, systemic racism, and experience with homelessness and foster care.
• Healing-centered practices and how to support the mental health needs of all youth.

Sample Stories

YC has a track record of supporting programs that focus on special populations. Some examples are below.

• Homes for Homeless (Supporting Homeless Youth): “Living in Shelter” by Amya Shaw

• WPTI/MIP: “Finally, A Work Role Model” by Alexus Colbert and “Coronavirus Wrecked My Transition from Foster Care” by Joanna Maestre

• Sunnyside Community Services (Supporting Students of Immigrant Families): “Growing Up Fast” by Sabatine Gervais, “Leaving El Salvador Forever” by U.S., “Saying I Love You in ‘Spanglish'” by Natalie Castelan, and “All Work and No Play in my Parents’ Chinese Restaurant” by Jessica Jiang

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