TIPS FOR TEENS: Staying fit while (mostly) staying inside

by Claire Shin

Just a few days after the stay-at-home order began, I was scrolling lazily through Instagram, which I usually never do, because I often feel insecure when I view the beautiful body types of other girls. Then, after liking a post by a popular fitness model famous for her shapely booty, I realized that with a strict exercise regimen and a ton of motivation, I too could achieve the perfect rear.

So recently, I’ve been filling my idle hours with runs around my huge block in Queens, hundreds of squats, wall sits, push-ups, and volleyball with my brother in our backyard. I’m already seeing the improvement! In this way, I’m making the most of the quarantine. Although I’m stuck at home with only my family to interact with, I might be able to achieve my ideal beach bod during this time. Either way, I feel better that I’m staying fit. Now, hopefully beaches will be open this summer. Fingers crossed!

Claire Shin

In this way, I'm making the most of the quarantine.