Youth Voice Matters

Youth Communication has worked with NYC teens since 1980 to write true, personal stories about their lives, and has published those stories in educational materials in order to help teen readers.

NYC Teen Writing Program

Youth Communication runs intensive nonfiction writing programs for 15-19-year-olds in New York City. Participants are mentored by a professional editor to write personal stories about their lives and reported stories about issues that affect young people. Their stories are published in our two award-winning magazines, YouthComm (formerly YCteen) or Represent: The Voice of Youth in Care, which are read by thousands of teens. Stories published in the magazines are often reprinted in other publications and websites, and in our curriculum. Learn more about how teens can join our writing staff here:

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Youth Communication has thousands of compelling, true stories by teens that can help convey your message and achieve your educational objectives. To find stories, search our online archive by topic. If you have specialized needs, or don’t find what you want, contact Samantha Lilienfeld at [email protected]. Less than 25% of our story archive is online at any one time.

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