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Are you gearing up for back to school? And looking for tools to support teens?

Youth Communication’s social and emotional learning (SEL) curricula and professional development is based true teen written stories. Our programs enable schools and other youth-serving organizations to create supportive, culturally responsive learning communities.

Learn more about YC’s social and emotional curricula and professional development programs in our free info session with Francisco Cruz, YC’s Director of Business Development. Please sign up through the registration link below and share this invitation with any educators or youth-serving adults in your networks!

Wednesday, 9/28 at 3:30 PM 
Middle and High School Social & Emotional Learning CURRICULA AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS

Our SEL curricula allow youth-serving adults to center student perspectives, which in turn grows both the educators’ and youths’ social and emotional learning. Lessons in our curricula are accompanied by professional development and coaching to help teachers, social workers, and other youth-serving adults to facilitate student-centered discussions about topics that these educators are often not prepared to foster—including racism, gender, and identity.

Our culturally responsive education professional development (PD) program enables educators and administrators to examine their own identities and become more empathetic and empowered, and better equipped to build learning communities where all young people thrive.

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