Stories and lessons to help teens find confidence, persist against hate

We are pleased to present the 264th issue of YCteen, “Don’t Hate on Me.” 
In this issue, students will read stories about today’s beauty standards and their impact on young women, as well as our writers’ experiences with transphobia, racism, and Islamophobia. In all of these stories, young people share how they persisted against hate and found confidence and satisfaction. 
We also have a lesson to help bring awareness to students regarding the transgender experience, along with a tip guide in the issue itself for teachers on how to best support trans students in the classroom. 
We have included a series of three lessons on the theme of beauty and self-acceptance that draws ties between several stories in the issue and a poem by Dorothy Chan. These stories also make for great connections to novels or nonfiction you may read with your students, such as Toni Morrison’s classic The Bluest Eye and Sandra Cisneros’s House on Mango Street
Janelle Greco & Tim Fredrick
Co-Directors of Education
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