Help youth in foster care adapt to change (or make a change)

Change is the only constant in life, and even more so if you’re in foster care. 

The teen writers in this issue of Represent magazine describe how they adjust to change or make drastic changes to transform themselves and their lives for the better. 
One such transformation is from macho poser to emotionally functional adult, in the story “I Had to Dig Up My Buried Emotions to Save My Life.” The author describes how his mask of not-caring cost him everything dear to him, and how he learned to handle and express his feelings. 

In “Not Just One Thing,” Alexus Colbert moves from hiding her full sexuality to figuring out and then telling the right people that what she is is bisexual. 

Both these transformations start with an honest self-reckoning and then move to the brave steps of opening up to others. 

Virginia Vitzthum
Represent editor



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