YC Launches New Remote Learning Resource: ELA and SEL Curriculum


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The Youth Communication team has quickly risen to meet the challenge to elevate youth voices. The teens’ stories are helping their peers feel less isolated. They are helping teachers understand what their students are going through. And teachers are using them in remote instruction.   

We continue to work with our teen writers remotely, and are amazed by their wisdom and maturity. One writer, Matthew Carlson, wrote the following in a piece he’s currently working on about the pandemic we’re all experiencing:

“I believe it takes more courage to accept a difficult situation than to deny it. I hope that…people all over can find this courage, and that they are now staying at home to keep themselves and others safe.”

Teen writers like Matthew remind us of the importance of bravery, and of adapting to our ever-evolving world. And, because of your generous support, Youth Communication is able to support students like Matthew—and the teachers who work with them—all over NYC. 

We are now offering free weekly English Language Arts lessons to New York City middle and high school teachers. This critical resource addresses the immediate need for engaging content to support remote learning.  Our award-winning teen-written stories are incorporated into each standards-based lesson.

We encourage you to share this with educators and encourage them to subscribe.  You can read the first few issues of this newsletter here:


As teachers continue to grapple with the increasingly complex needs of their students, we will be responsive to their needs and remain a valuable platform for the youth they serve. This is just one of the many actions Youth Communication is taking to support our community as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the coming weeks, we will share more updates about how we are making youth voices heard and using teen stories to support them and their teachers.  

While we are going full speed ahead with our important work, our financial support is becoming increasingly vulnerable. If you’re able, we would be extremely grateful for your continued (and increased) financial support to help us ensure we’re able to continue our critical work. Donations, as always, can be made here: Donate to YC

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