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Education Leaders! 

Youth Communication understands the importance of social and emotional learning that’s culturally responsive and authentic—ensuring that students cultivate healthy relationships and recognize their strengths. By pairing teen-written stories with thoughtfully-designed sessions and responsive professional development, we’re improving outcomes for students in measurable ways.  

We go beyond representation to amplification, by publishing teens’ stories and using them as real-life models for their peers. It’s hard to quantify the value students get from being truly seen, but the impact is clear; in a study of 1,200 teens, 83% of youth report they felt safe and listened to in their YC groups. In light of COVID-19, the impact of remaining connected to their peers and educators is even more important. 

In support of our partners and to elevate our ongoing innovations moving into next year, we are providing FREE information sessions for all our communities, see below for more information.  

Are you an educator or administrator interested in amplifying youth stories? 

Are you interested in bringing more culturally responsive education to your school? 

Are you interested in integrating social emotional learning into your school’s culture? 


Join us for a FREE information session on our professional development trainings! 

Please share with any educators in your networks or sign up yourself for one of the sessions at the individualized registration links below.  

Upcoming Information Sessions 

With eleven anthologies serving grades 6-12, and customizable packages for districts and agencies of any size, we’re able to meet a diverse range of needs and would be happy to share a sample from any of the following award-winning curricula.  

Save the Date & Register Below! 

Middle School Social-Emotional Programming (Grades 6-8) 

When: Wednesday, 5/4 at 3:30 PM 

Where: Register for Zoom here! 

  • #trending (SEL for Middle School) 
  • Between You and Me (Self-Management and Relationship Skills) 
  • Stay the Course (Decision-Making) 
  • Upgrade (Middle to High School Transition) 

High School Social-Emotional Programming (Grades 9-12) 

When: Wednesday, 5/11 at 3:30 PM 

Where: Register for Zoom here! 

  • In Real Life (SEL for High School) 
  • Real Talk (Gender Identity and Relationships) 
  • Real As Me (Girls’ Empowerment) 
  • Real Men 2.0 (Positive Masculinity) 
  • All In (Diversity and Advocacy) 
  • Level Up (High School to College Transition) 
  • On My Way (Career Readiness) 

Professional Development Opportunities and Q&A 

When: Wednesday, 5/18 at 3:30 PM 

Where: Register for Zoom here! 

Come learn about Youth Communication’s unique story-based professional development opportunities for youth educators. We provide customized experiences for whole school communities, individual student support staff, community-based organizations, and school networks. 

Launching our Culturally Responsive Education Series 

When: Wednesday, 5/25 at 3:30 PM 

Where: Register for Zoom here! 

Come meet with Dana Nurse, Youth Communication’s Director of Culturally Responsive Education, and learn about how infusing Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) is the evolution of YC’s philosophy in our professional development series.  

Thank you for your consideration! 

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