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Respect for All Week is February 10-14, 2020
The Department of Education’s Respect for All Week gives us, from students to teachers to administrators, a chance to be better– to mindfully practice treating others with an integrity and compassion that we hope to continue fostering all year. 

One way to support these efforts is through the use of youth voices in the form of true, teen-written stories that illustrate how celebrating and understanding diversity, rather than shying away from it, can be an eye-opening experience.

Bolstered by theme-based lessons and activities, these stories can be used in classrooms to have discussions surrounding tough topics like racism, gender, sexual orientation, sexual harassment, stereotyping, bias, and internalized oppression. 
Within this package you’ll find 10 stories, each with a fully developed lesson containing opening and closing activities. These 45-50 minute lessons can easily be woven into an existing unit or series of lesson plans in order to meet your school’s goals for Respect for All Week.

You’ll also find Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations in the Classroom to help you navigate what might be some challenging dialogue around the sensitive issues that arise in these stories.

For some students, Respect for All Week is a chance for their voice to be heard or for them to read a story and say “I see myself in this.” We are excited to offer these lessons so that you can seize on that opportunity.

See the Guide for Respect for All Week

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