High Expectations and the Culturally Responsive, Trauma-Informed Teacher



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Virtual Workshop:
High Expectations and the Culturally Responsive,
Trauma-Informed Teacher 

October 6th 2021
3:30pm to 5pm EST

Attend this virtual workshop with the authors of Who’s in My Classroom?
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Join a 90-minute interactive workshop with the authors of Who’s in My Classroom? Building Developmentally and Culturally Responsive School Communities, a new book of concrete strategies to help educators build supportive relationships with students.

Balancing high expectations of students with understanding students’ particular circumstances (e.g., housing insecurity, poverty, racial trauma) is an important skill in closing the opportunity gap in schools.

While we want to be understanding about the real challenges students face, we don’t want to send the message that we don’t believe they are capable of academic success. In this session, we will read and discuss teen-written stories about how teachers communicated the combination of empathy and high expectations to their students. In addition to the strategies the writers outline in their stories, participants will discuss what high expectations and empathy look like in their schools. Educators will consider one of their students as a case study to practice this balancing act.

About the Authors of Who’s in My Classroom?

GESS LEBLANC, PHD, belongs to the Hunter School of Education. He is the Co-founder of Hunter’s Urban Center for Assessment, Research, and Evaluation and Co-founder of the college’s MA Program in Educational Psychology. He is a sought-after speaker and writer on the subject of culturally responsive teaching.

TIM FREDRICK, PHD, is Senior Director of Education Programs at Youth Communication where he oversees social and emotional learning programs and professional development. He is a teacher and teacher educator with 20 years’ experience working with students in kindergarten through graduate school.

YOUTH COMMUNICATION provides professional development based on true stories by teens that helps educators work with students to strengthen the social, emotional, and literacy skills they need to achieve their academic and life goals. For more information about our suite of SEL programs for Grades 6-12, please contact Francisco Cruz at [email protected].

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