New Curriculum: Transitioning from Middle to High School

We are thrilled to offer Upgrade,  a new program to help educators support students as they transition from middle to high school. 
The stories and activities in this curriculum will help students develop the social and emotional skills they need to succeed in high school. The strengths-based approach encourages teens to tap their inherent wisdom and harness the resources they need to make this important transition. 
The session plans are based on true stories by real teens. The writers who how they manage and overcome challenges. They show how to use social and emotional competencies to achieve goals. And they provide role models of positive attitudes and behavior. 
Upgrade includes: 
  • Anthologies of true stories by teens 
  • Curriculum guide with high engaging activities, especially for struggling students
  • One-Day Professional Development 
  • Coaching 
Contact Betsy Cohen at [email protected] or 212-279-0708 x118 to discuss how to we can partner to support your community,
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