Story-Based Programs: Strengthen Teens’ SEL and Literacy Skills

Youth Communication (YC) is pleased to announce the official launch of our full suite of story-based social and emotional learning programs. The programs include professional development and curricula that help teachers, counselors, and other professionals connect with teens and strengthen their social and emotional learning (SEL) and literacy skills.

Our programs engage young people because they are built around powerful true stories by New York City teens in our rigorous in-house writing program. Your teens will recognize themselves in our stories, which motivates them to read and open up to each other and your staff about their challenges.

The stories are first published in our award-winning magazines—YCteen and Represent: The Voice of Youth in Foster Care. We create comprehensive lessons around the teen-written stories, to help educators show how the writers develop positive relationships, greater agency, and other key SEL competencies; readers are inspired to do the same. Our professional development workshops help staff elevate youth voice in their schools and programs. 

Since we launched our first program, #trending, in 2015, we have trained over 60 community-based organizations, including schools, SONYC sites, Beacons, and other afterschool programs throughout the city to implement our programs.

Our story-based SEL programs: 


To learn more, contact Francisco Cruz at [email protected] or 212-279-0708 x 107. 

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    I am a former writer for FCYU author of “SIX MONTHS ON THE RUN FROM BCW”‘ from the book “the herat knows something different” There should be a program that teaches teens things like, aquiring credit, and how to build credit. money mangement, financial literacy, and how to aquire loans from banks. How to open up a bank account and manage it. Programs that provide information pertaining to, the dangers of drug addiction and that alcohol is the real gateway drug. How to set objectives and goals. how to maintain discipline. meditation maybe. things that will help teens while pursuing their dreams , because dreams are ideas that lead to success.

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