Our top stories of 2021


As the year ends, we’d like to thank our teen writers for sharing stories that informed and inspired thousands of their peers during the year. Below are a few of their most popular stories of 2021. 

And thanks to educators who used stories to make their classrooms and programs more engaging and exciting.

Of course, a big shout out to the supporters who are making this work possible. 


My Parents Collect Bottles for a Living
A ‘friend’ tried to shame me, but I’m proud of their hard work.
By Jessica Yauri
Not Allowed to Be a Kid
As a tall, Black youth, I’ve been surveilled and pushed around by police since elementary school.
By Amaru Howard
My Test Score Didn’t Show What I Could Achieve
The Discovery Program is one step toward making New York City’s high school admissions process more equitable.
By Richard Zhao
Not Just a Kid From the Projects
I want to become a teacher to help poor students fulfill their dreams.
By Meagan Zullo
Breaking Free of My Mom to Be My Real Self
A loving and consistent foster family helps, but it’s still hard to separate from my abusive mother.
By Miles Dale
How I Finally Got Mental Health Help
It took a while to find the right adults to support me.
By Sonobia James
I Got the Vaccine to Protect My Mom and Help End the Pandemic
Social media told me the vaccine was dangerous, but my mom’s illness and my own research convinced me to take my shot.
By Sirsy Galarza
The Healing Tree
I lost myself in the pandemic and found myself again in nature.
By Kiran Yeh
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