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Youth Communication equips and empowers educators and youth workers with real teen-written stories and a literacy-rich training model to engage struggling youth and build their social and emotional learning skills. [more]
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Publishing Program

Publishing Program

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Youth Communication publishes stories that motivate hard-to-reach teens to read, write, and strengthen social and emotional skills. Here are examples of where you can find our published stories.

The Web: The full text of some of our stories is available free on this website and those of our print magazines (see below). Teachers and other staff in nonprofit educational settings may use them with their students. (See Permissions for rules regarding use of those stories.) Stories that are not available for free may be purchased individually from the web, or as part of an anthology.

Videos - Stories That Inspire Teens to Read and Write
Stories That Inspire Teens to Read and Write

Youth Communication helps marginalized youth develop their full potential through reading and writing, so that they can succeed in school and at work and contribute to their communities.
Anthologies: We offer more than 50 anthologies on topics from school success and relations with friends and family, to gangs and recovering from sexual abuse. Teachers say that even teens who insist they are "non readers" ask for these books. See sample anthologies to the right. Visit our store for a complete list.

Lessons and Curricula: We offer extensive Leader's Guides to support some of our anthologies, including those that focus on work readiness (Real Jobs), masculinity (Real Men), resilience (The Struggle to Be Strong), personal integrity (The Courage to Be Yourself), and others. The Leader's Guides focus on active lessons and are especially suited for advisories, after school programs, counseling groups, and other interactive settings.

We also offer lessons to accompany many individual stories. They range from a few discussion questions to writing activities to test prep. (To see the lesson for a story, click the "Lesson Available" tab.)

Print Magazines: We publish two print magazines for use in classrooms, after-school programs, and agencies. See for our high school magazine and for our foster care magazine.

Licensing: Our stories appear in dozens of books and curricula published by other publishers, including many of the Write Source textbooks, the Norton Sampler (essays), several books from Harvard Educational Review press, and Starting With I (Persea Books), and Things Get Hectic (Simon & Schuster).

We also work with nonprofit organizations (like the College Board and Public/Private Ventures) and with government agencies (such as the NYC Dept. of Health and the Administration for Children's Services) to publish books, websites, and other customized products for their audiences.

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