Youth Communication has professional development offerings designed to help educators strengthen their group facilitation skills and effectively implement our programs with teens. Our trainings are an excellent way to introduce and boost social and emotional learning.

We offer a variety of training and coaching options:

Curriculum Training
Story-Based CircleCoaching & Consultation


What is a Curriculum Training? We provide in-depth training to support the effective implementation of a Youth Communication curriculum.  These training workshops include an introduction to the curriculum’s core concepts, strategies for building community in the group, modeled strategies to effectively lead sessions, and supported practice in facilitating story read-alouds in a group. The training also helps equip staff with methods for adapting the curriculum to the needs of your program, and techniques for facilitating tough discussions and maximizing engagement. (Curriculum & Training packages include: Social and Emotional Learning for Middle School (#trending) and Career Readiness (On My Way).

What is a Story-Based Circle? We help adults work with teens more effectively and to facilitate group read-alouds and discussions using the Youth Communication story-based approach within the restorative practice of a Circle. Our story-based approach puts teen voice at the center by bringing a real teen’s story into the room, and encourages teens to discuss the story and voice their own thoughts and feelings. Using the Circle protocol, youth and staff engage in conversations about complex issues while building an inclusive and positive community. Choose one of our libraries to fit the goals of your program. Please contact us for more information about this offering. 

What is Coaching & Consultation? We work with supervisors and group leaders to meet their program’s unique needs and goals.  Coaching and consultation options include: in-person facilitated discussion during staff meetings, small focus groups, guided supervisor walk-through and debrief, observations of group leaders, remote teleconferencing, et al. Please contact us for more information about this offering. 

NYC teen writing program

Youth Communication runs intensive nonfiction writing programs for 15-19-year-olds in New York City. Participants are mentored by a professional editor to write personal stories about their own lives and reported stories about issues that affect young people. Their stories are published in one of our two award-winning magazines, YCteen (formerly NYC: New Youth Connections) or Represent: The Voice of Youth in Care, which are read by thousands of teens in print and online. Stories published in the magazines are often reprinted in other publications and websites, and in our curriculum. Learn more about how teens can join the writing staff of YCteen or Represent.


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I am loving, loving, loving the book Rage: True Stories by Teens About Anger. Each person’s story is unique and filled with satisfying details of what and how they have overcome as well as real solutions they utilize in their lives.

Amy Cheney
District Library Manager, Oakland Unified School District

YCteen helps my students develop into active readers as well as writers. It’s an indispensable tool in the classroom for both literacy and personal growth.  Most of all, my students simply like to read it.

Carl Meltzer
Teacher, West Side HS

Real Stories connects in a way that isn’t forced. It’s something that will resonate.

Glendean Hamilton

The students were mesmerized by the stories (in Things Get Hectic).

Rebecca Rubin
Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation

#trending was a really cool book because most of the stories were about things I’ve been through or witnessed.



Golden Lamp Award | Best Periodical | Association of American Publishers (2015)


First Prize | Editorial/Commentary | Center for Community and Ethnic Media (2012)

“Scam U.” by Marco Salazar

Best Curriculum | Life Skills and Character Education | Association of American Publishers (2011)

Real Men

Best in Youth Media | Media for a Just Society (2015)

"My Looking-Glass Self" by Marlo Scott

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