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aep_award_seals_all-resizedjpg“Best Curriculum” (Life Skills & Character Education), Association of Educational Publishers

Help young men recognize their strengths, improve their skills, and learn how to seek help. Your students will be instantly engaged by the authenticity of these high-quality stories, which are written by their peers. They will be inspired by the young writers’ persistence in the face of difficult challenges. And they will learn from the practical strategies that the writers use to overcome those challenges. Participating in the discussions and activities will reinforce the positive behaviors modeled in the stories.

Annotated lessons in the Leader’s Guide make it easy to lead thoughtful discussions. Accompanying activities help participants explore effective responses to the challenges in the stories.

The Real Men Class Set includes:
12 copies of Real Men: Urban Teens Write About Being a Man (for participants)
1 copy of A Leader’s Guide to Real Men
1 copy of Alternative High: The Shawn Welcome Story DVD – FREE!

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“By being honest about their struggles, and explicit about the things that helped them, these young men show what it takes to change.”
—Geoffrey Canada, CEO, Harlem Children’s Zone, in his foreword to Real Men

“At a time when we are losing so many young men, a resource like Real Men can literally save lives.”
—Pedro Noguera, Professor, New York University.

Rodrick Michaels on Real Men

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