Real As Me: Curriculum and Training Package

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WINNER of the 2017 REVERE Award, “Beyond the Classroom: RELATE” (Social Emotional Learning resources) by The Association of American Publishers

See the Table of Contents from the Curriculum Guide [pdf]

Real As Me features 20 interactive session plans and true stories by teens about who they are and who they want to be, plus session plans on the following themes:
My Mind, My Body, My Voice • Our Friends • Places that Shape Us • Changing Our World

• Build resilience, self-worth, and agency
• Tested approach—easy to use
• Develop literacy skills
• Affordable

Youth Communication supports program implementation of Real As Me with:
• Professional Development (one-day training)
• Coaching Sessions (two or more)
• Curriculum Guides (one for each staff member that attends training)
• Anthologies of true stories written by teens (12 per trained staff member)
To learn more, email Elena Autin-Hefner at or call 212-279-0708 x135

Real As Me was recognized as best educational resource by The Association of American Publishers.


Package A, Package B, Package C, Package D


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