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Youth Communication provides powerful, teen-written stories
and professional development to help educators and youth workers engage struggling youth.
Our literacy-rich training model helps teachers, after-school workers, counselors, and other professionals to connect with the teens they serve and build their social
and emotional learning skills.

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Our stories, developed in a rigorous writing program, are uniquely compelling to youth whose voices are missing from mainstream content. The stories model social and emotional learning, and show teens how to make positive changes in their lives. They also motivate teens to read and write.

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My students have a great time digging into the stories and group activities. They really respond to being able to read about the lives of kids who not only live in neighborhoods like their own – but who share similar backgrounds, successes, and obstacles. The stories’ accessibility makes my class more comfortable opening up about their own experiences. 

Group Leader, WHEDco

75% of teens reported that reading the stories helped them wrestle with moral dilemmas.

Over 1/3 of teens reported that they felt more optimistic about their future and more confident after reading our stories.

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